Testimonials About Shashawn

What did you like best about ShaShawn's dog training class? 

I enjoyed the time ShaShawn spent with each dog and listening to exactly what problems they are having at home and giving directions on how to deal with it.  Also, you not only gave the dogs praise, you let the "pack leader" know they were doing a good job as well, with their dog.  It's always good to know that you are doing a good job too.

I enjoyed how ShaShawn individualized each dog's training to meet the needs of the dog.

"Everything!" This class gave me a chance to continue in cementing a more personal bond with Maddy, and thanks to ShaShawn's guidance, make it possible. From the time we enter class until we exit to our car, ShaShawn is always observant.  Not only behavior-wise, but health wise. She has a personal interest in each dog and owner and h ones in on individual issues and addresses each one. I like the smallclass because we get individual attention. Looking forward to the fall class.

How patient ShaShawn was and how willing she was to work with us on individual training.

I enjoyed the way class was conducted and how willing ShaShawn was to resolve any issue or concern. Individual attention. Issues that happened in class were dealt with right away and followed through for resolution.  Loved the field trip. Liked how ShaShawn listened and showed compassion and went out of her way to offer assistance. I would love to do another class.

I liked ShaShawn's teaching style and techniques.  She was extremely helpful with lot of good tips and tricks. I was thankful that I could get into this class and hope to continue on with ShaShawn with adult class.

The best trainers are those whose words are remembered and practiced daily--long after
the class is over--ShaShawn is one of those special trainers / teachers.  Thank you, ShaShawn.


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